Stir & Stew at the Construction Site

The base for the construction of The CoolTower has been laid. From now on The CoolTower we'll be reaching for the summit. On our way to 150 meters high! We would like to celebrate this milestone together with the residents of their future home in the tower and our business relations during the 'Stir & Stew at the Construction Site' event.

The event will take place on the 11th of September at The CoolTower construction site. A pop-up restaurant will be placed where the well-known Rotterdam chef Herman den Blijker will provide the catering. Are you interested in an exclusive apartment of The CoolTower, but haven't made the decision yet to buy? You're in luck, because there are still a few homes available from the phase 2 sale. Have a look at the apartment finder for the very last offer of the City-Chic type and contact the real estate agents. We'll might see you on 11 September!

* This event is exclusively available to buyers of an apartment in The CoolTower.